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Deciding on the future of your child's education is an important decision that requires time and proper consideration.

This is why we believe that you should have all the information and tools to be confident in your decision.

With that in mind, we created some essential steps to guide and support you during this complicated process.


Step 1: Initial Inquiry

This is the part where you contact us inquiring about our school.
Just fill out the initial inquiry form below, so we get a chance to learn about you, your child, and your needs and start answering your questions.



Step 2: Parent/Student Meeting

Virtually or in person, this is where we set up a meeting to answer all the questions you may have while giving us a chance to introduce ourselves and our programs.
It is an essential step to get to know one another and determine if our school is a good fit for your family.

Step 3: Exploration Day.

We want to make sure your child has the opportunity to try out our school before you have to make a decision about enrolling. We will set up a trial day for your child to spend the day at our school, getting to know our teachers, the rhythm of the day and the other students in the class. This helps families to make a more informed decision on whether our school is a good fit.


Step 4: Final Paperwork.

You've decided to enroll. Great! Congrats! We will send you all the paperwork, which needs to be returned prior to your child's first day of school. We offer different options for filling out the registration paperwork, whether you choose online or paper, we will be there to help make it an easy process.


Step 5: One Week Checkup 

We will check with you at the end of the first week to ensure your child has successfully integrated into our school and address any issues that have come up or questions you may have.


Step 6: First Month Review

We will meet either in person or virtually after your child’s first month for an initial assessment and establish personal goals to ensure the best outcome for your child's education.




5 Full Days
Kindergarten to 6th grade


5 Reasons to Choose Our School 

  1. Optimal Class Structure for Individual Support:
    Our low-capacity classes ensure that every student receives the personalized attention they deserve, guaranteeing no one is left behind in their learning journey. We provide dedicated behavior specialist support, allowing every child, including those with specific needs, to have a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

  2. Dedicated and Diverse Teaching Faculty:
    Our teachers hail from rich and diverse backgrounds, providing students with a myriad of perspectives and a wide array of skills. Their extensive experience and passion for teaching, coupled with their unwavering commitment to each student, allow for a personalized and effective learning journey for every child.

  3. Art Integration and Project-Based Learning:
    Our curriculum marries art with core subjects to provide a well-rounded education that fosters creativity and innovative thinking. State standards guide our project-based learning, enhancing students' foundational knowledge and promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our after-school art program complements this approach, further enriching students' artistic aptitude.

  4. Teaching Adapted to Individual Needs:
    We believe in recognizing and nurturing the uniqueness of each child through differentiated teaching. By meeting students where they are, we provide research-based, engaging, and personalized learning experiences. Our use of semantic memory learning, which visualizes concepts or translates them into music, enhances comprehension and information retention in a dynamic and enjoyable way.

  5. Family-Supportive Program:
    Our approach extends beyond the child to the family. We equip families with the necessary tools to succeed, nurture critical thinking skills, and foster strong connections. With open lines of communication, flexible schedules, and a convenient after-school program that caters to early release days and school-off days, we ensure that the education process is a collective effort that respects the demands of working parents.

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